What makes you DIFFERENT  than all the other delivery services? 

A few things - so we're glad you asked! 

We support local businesses and are hoping to help Ontario brewers and licensed establishments survive during the current crisis.  The government’s recent policy change allows licensed establishments such as restaurants to sell alcohol for takeaway or delivery and this creates badly needed revenue and helps support local jobs.  There are  new opportunities for made-in-Ontario businesses to flourish. 

We don't up charge you for your beer and, in fact, we provide bulk discounts!  In the current crisis, brewers have excess inventories since bars and restaurants can’t open.  You can save by buying by the case.

We offer choice with many breweries participating - and you can create your own 2-4 and mix and match your order between brewers. 

We bring it all to you or to your favourite participating restaurant along with your food order to enjoy with your beer. 

Do you prices include HST and case deposits?

Yes - we keep the pricing all in just like how you would see at the LCBO. There are no extra costs on the prices aside from the $15.00 order fee. 

Why do I have to order cans in increments of 12?

This helps ensure safe shipping standards. We don't think it is a good idea to have anything rattling around. If we see an order that doesn't meet this standard we will ask you to resubmit it. 

More choice. More savings. Delivered to your home or available for takeaway. 

This sounds great. But is it legal? 

Yes. So long as you are of legal drinking age (19+), a resident of Ontario, your order includes food and you are buying from a licensed and participating  establishment.  Brewer Eats simply facilitates the order processing and delivery with the licensed restaurant on its behalf. 

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Order? 

It depends on what you order and if you want it for take out or delivery. We will work to ship all delivery orders within 1 business day of receiving your order. So plan on 1-5 businesses days to ship. 

Processing fees are $15.00 and cover the costs or our staff labour and providing them with a safe and clean working environment.  Your paired food item and shipping are also covered. This fee is not a money maker for us and we run it at cost- recovery at best. 

I’m a licensed establishment. How do I become a participating pick up location? 

If you are licensed to sell alcohol already and are compliant with the AGCO Bulletin #61 then you should be good to go. Email us your business name, address, phone, email, contact name and AGCO Liquor License # and we will begin to on-board you ASAP. 

Email us at orders@brewereats.ca to get started with "Licensee Onboard" as the subject. We’ll work with you on a food pairing.

How do I become a participating brewery or cider maker? 

Email us at orders@brewereats.ca with the subject line "Brewer Onboard." We need to collect some basic information from you such as price points per product and quantity split, product description, product images and more. If you can have that information ready beforehand (check out what a product listing looks like), it will help speed things up.